Unchained Admin UI

The Unchained Admin UI is our Web UI to all data management APIs that the Unchained Engine provides out of the box. Manage products, collections, users & orders. Compatibility and feature parity with the Unchained Engine.

Unchained Admin UI Features

  • Delete & edit users
  • Enrol new users
  • See user profiles
  • See user logs
Products & Variants
  • Add simple, multi-variant and bundle products
  • Edit base prices by country/currency
  • Edit texts and images for multiple languages
  • Edit warehousing relevant data and other meta data
Faceted Filters
  • Add indexable filters for faceted search
  • Edit texts and images for multiple languages
  • Edit values
  • Structure your products into deep assortments
  • Assign faceted search filters on all hierarchical levels
  • Append custom text and images on all hierarchical levels
Quotation Management
  • See open RFP and generated offer documents
  • Manually confirm eligibility for a request
  • Reject quotations
Order Management
  • See order data and generated documents
  • Manually confirm orders
  • Delete carts
  • Mark orders as paid
Analytics & Logs

Observe key indices and see rich application logs, allowing you to drill down by:

  • User
  • Product
  • Order
  • Quotation
  • Manage all languages, countries, currencies
  • Manage payment providers
  • Manage delivery providers
  • Manage warehousing providers