The most flexible digital commerce platform

business to business

Products & Variants

  • Categories the way you always wanted
  • Faceted filters for easy discovering
  • Multiple prices for a single SKU
  • Multiple images for your products and variants


  • Downloadable Products
  • E-Mail the order to a third-party logistics provider's central inbox
  • Upload orders as CSV to a FTP host*
  • Transfer orders electronically to any other system
  • Post (Yellowcube), UPS, DHL Comissioning*

Document Generation

  • Through a local bookkeeping system (SAP R/3, Abacus, ...)
  • With HTML Templates
  • Through SaaS services (Smallinvoice for ex.)
  • New XML file for external processing


  • Send Order Confirmations and Invoices by E-Mail, SMS or Whatsapp
  • Send User Registration Notifications via Slack
  • Tweet new orders anonymized*


  • Invoice (Post- and prepaid)
  • Stripe
  • PostFinance
  • PayPal
  • Datatrans
  • Bonity-checked invoices (Deltavista)


  • B2B Users special price
  • Date range dependent special prices
  • Dynamic tax rate retrieval
  • Product, Payment, Order or Delivery prices confiurable
  • Weather-dependent barbeque sausage price
  • Order total weight dependent charges, dynamically calculated by UPS
  • Pricing that depends on regions, users, order quantities


  • Christmas & Black Friday discounts
  • Percentage reducing discount codes
  • Absolute amount reducing discount codes
  • Swear word dependent daily discounts based on Donald Trump Twitter feed*
  • Lottery or random prices: Every 1000th buyer gets the stuff free of charge*


  • ERP as Inventory Management*
  • Manage Inventory in Google Docs
  • Fire Just-in-time Production of any goods*
  • Real-time quantities (see an event get sold out live)*


  • Automatically build individual offers in response to RFPs
  • Quotation workflow to confirm and reject offers
  • Allow users to digitally negotiate with the vendor

Product Reviews

  • Allow users to comment on ordered products
  • Allow users to rate a product
  • Allow users to post custom data and/or reply to others messages
  • Intelligent Workflow that allows to scan incomming reviews and controls the obligation for manual approvement.

Faceted Search

  • Filters on any hierarchical level
  • Filters that get filtered by filters (Faceted)
  • Range, Selection and custom Filter types
  • Fast (custom index)
  • Item count prediction

And so much more

  • One shop for one world (Multi-country support)
  • Price your products in any currency you like. $XLM maybe?
  • Internationalization with multi-language support
  • Metadata extension on any entity easily possible
* Examples of crazy plugins possible, built during projects. The plugins usually take only hours to develop.