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Our API first commerce platform is tailor-made for any B2B or B2C enterprise. Unchained gives you the power to integrate any core system seamlessly. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to open possibilities and ambitious growth.

Headless - Open-source - Crypto-native
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Unchained Engine

Our core product, an open-source digital commerce engine that is written in Node.js ES6. It exposes all data exclusively through a GraphQL API that allows seamless integration, full customisation and omni-channel personalisation.

Unchained Cloud

Benefit from your own up & running Unchained Engine in a minimal configuration on our cloud. The engines will be hosted on subdomains of unchained.wtf.

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Professional Services

We help you navigate a vast technology landscape through architectural workshops, in-house trainings, and project support. Effectively, we go beyond the usual digital UX on your website and help you manage the entire customer experience - from awareness to loyalty.

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Operational Services

We deliver operational services to help you launch, maintain and scale your e-commerce systems with maximum stability and zero downtime deployments. From cloud to privacy-critical on-premise managed hosting, 24/7 application support, software performance management and DevOps process management.

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Jens Kistler

Together, Panter and Unchained have developed a solution that perfectly meets Veloplus needs: The mix of standard features and customised components provides us with the necessary flexibility and ensures reliable operation. The cooperation was characterised by professionalism, creativity and mutual respect.

Jens Kistler
Projektverantwortlicher Veloplus
Thomas Katz

With Unchained we were able to raise our e-commerce platform to a new level and increased the speed of our web shop significantly. The conversion to a "headless" API-first architecture now enables us to further develop the microservices / system parts independently of one another resulting in a state-of-the-art customer experience.

Thomas Katz
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