Build the best possible Online Shop and sell your Products on any Device.

Digital Commerce Platform made for Enterprises.

First of its kind software platform for multi-channel e-commerce. Implement all the crazy pricing, discount & loyalty ideas through the unique developers-first approach. Start selling goods, services & subscriptions on any internet connected device.

online shopping

The most flexible platform for digital commerce

The headless approach allows you to build e-commerce apps which run natively on mobile phones, watches, TVs, wearables and your own hardware. It empowers developers to integrate proprietary & decentralized systems, bridging digital commerce with the internet of things & distributed ledgers.

By using open-source technologies & popular programming languages, it is very easy for developers to extend and adapt the platform for the company specific needs. This enables product owners to design creative business processes like never before.

Built for developers

Unchained Engine is headless by default, so there is no UI. Just build your own interface on top of the GraphQL API. If you want to connect your existing backends or add a cryptocurrency as a way of payment, just write a small plugin, build your own module, add a micro-service, fork the whole thing or just extend the GraphQL API with with your own queries & types. All you need is some Javascript (Node.js) knowhow. This is the last shop system you will ever need to satisfy your software's e-commerce requirements.

open-source, available on Github

Built on:
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Fits well with:
React JS LogoAngular JS LogoVue JS Logo
Works with PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Swift, Go, Haskell & any other programming language. Your choice.
Apr 2017

Sketch out the architecture of a headless digital commerce platform

Jun 2017

Signed first customer contract

Nov 2017

GoLive with first customer "Freezyboy"

Jan 2018

Release of Unchained Website

Mar 2018

Release of Roadmap 1.0

Apr 2018

Init Partner Program for Agencies

Jun 2018

Signed second customer contract & added first partner

Q2-Q4 2018

Roadshow for Zürich based agencies

Feb 2019

GoLive with customer "Publicare"

Q1-Q2 2019
  • Release of Unchained Managed Hosting
  • Release of Plaform 1.0 as OSS
  • Release of Roadmap 2.0
Q3-Q4 2019
  • Release of Plugin Marketplace 1.0 Beta as SaaS
  • Release of Unchained Control Panel 1.0 Beta as SaaS
  • Global Roadshow
  • Unchained Conference 2019

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