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API first commerce engine, tailor-made for B2B or B2C enterprises. Integrate core systems seamlessly & secure. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to open possibilities & growth.

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Our core product

Unchained Engine

open-source digital commerce engine that is written in Node.js ES6. It exposes all data exclusively through a GraphQL API that allows seamless integration, full customisation and omni-channel personalisation.

Developers StartUp & running Unchained Engine

Unchained Cloud

Benefit from your own up & running Unchained Engine in a minimal configuration on our cloud. The engines will be hosted on subdomains of unchained.wtf.

Need help? We are here for you!
professional services
Professional Services

We help you navigate a vast technology landscape through architectural workshops, in-house trainings, and project support. Effectively, we go beyond the usual digital UX on your website and help you manage the entire customer experience - from awareness to loyalty.

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Operational Services

We deliver operational services to help you launch, maintain and scale your e-commerce systems with maximum stability and zero downtime deployments. From cloud to privacy-critical on-premise managed hosting, 24/7 application support, software performance management and DevOps process management.

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operational services