Transform your online store into an intelligent, scalable, and high-conversion engine.

Offer your customers a seamless and personalized user experience across all digital channels. With our standardized and enterprise-ready storefront, we provide you with a complete and SEO-optimized retail solution

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Most modern e-commerce-Package

We have created a future-proof e-commerce package that meets the requirements of modern user experience and in favor of your flexibility. Thanks to the modular system, the backend consists of only the necessary interfaces and functions, which allows for easy support and ensures reliable operation.

Thanks to our open-source approach, you can expect a state-of-the-art online store that sets new technical standards and offers unlimited expansion potential in the future.

A selection of our features for your retail business.

Smart product overview

Product categories are presented in a clear structured overview. Product variants are grouped together for easy selection.

Advanced product configurators

Your customers choice of the right product is made easier by innovative user guidance including configuration.

Comprehensive search

Our search functions are always based on the latest technology. It offers product information, descriptions, tip suggestions and much more.

User profile & order info

Your registered customers can make address changes, manage orders, and create return orders from anywhere.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory from a simple control panel. Or import your inventory data from your ERP system.

Rating & Reviews

Reviews and star ratings let customers help other shoppers make buying decisions - and help you optimize your assortment.

Integrated Headless CMS

Headless CMS makes it very easy to add, edit and delete content without the need for advanced IT skills.

Promotions & Discounts

In the promotions category, your customers can see all discounted items. For example, offer bundles or limited-time promotions!

Wish List

When adding items to the wish list, your customers will see a preview with the most important information without leaving the page.

B2C facts you should know.


More sales thanks to an accurate call to action.


CTA button placement


Personalized message


Accurate CTA wording

Bounce rate

Loss of revenue due to poor performance.


check-out too complicated


from 1 to 3 sec loading time.


poor usability


per additional click


from 3 sec. loading time


too long loading times


generally, with too many clicks


from 5 sec. loading time
Sources: (2017-2022): Google, Mobile Commerce Report, Akamai Technologies, Walmart, Kissmetrics
Fast-paced, high-conversion, precise

We make a promise.

  • State-of-the-art technology - thanks to open-source development
  • Unlimited personalization - thanks to headless commerce
  • Lightning-fast loading times - thanks to our Performance Portal
  • Simple processes - thanks to direct contact with our developers
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