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Unchained B2B

B2B e-commerce market has very unique requirements compared to B2C (retail). The type of consumer, product, and pricing are just a few among many special features that characterise the B2B market. Unchained will help you advance your B2B growth to the next level.

business to business
B2B vs B2C e-commerce

B2B commerce involves more large customers with highly-customised processes.

Within the B2B sector, customer type and order volume predetermine product pricing, therefore prices are diverse. Sellers may offer specific discounts based on the number of products, deliv-ery time or loyalty programs. Average order value is generally higher in B2B since business clients tend to buy in bulk. All in all, B2B pricing policy is based on individual agreements.

That also means that B2B clients, who tend to place high-volume orders or multiple orders in a short period of time, require more flexible payment options than B2C. These can include payment on credit (invoice), wire transfer, credit limits, settings based on payment history, and even a mix of online and offline methods etc. In B2B sales, payment is subject to approval from financial management, whereas B2C transactions are more autonomous.

B2B buyers expect omnichannel selling integration and smooth user experience when shifting among channels and devices, particularly when adopting a ‘mobile-first’ approach to design.

B2B features
Reliable cloud-based performance

Reliable cloud performance is critical for maintaining business continuity. Effectively monitor your cloud resources, to ensure all components communicate seamlessly. Measure your IOPS, filesystem performance, caching, and autoscaling.

Omnichannel selling features

Create seamless customer experiences across all platforms

Grow your B2B e-commerce business from one day to another!
Rights and roles management: add different roles and rights to your users in-house
Release processes
Back-end ERP system and CRM integration
Custom pricing and catalogue
Quotes and negotiations
B2B specific payment services

Choose which customers are able to pay with the desired payment service: e.g. credit card payments universally available, billing payments limited to certain users etc.

Delivery options (e.g. discreet packaging)
Sophisticated search (searches for products, categories, as well as page content, search by vendor number and other special search queries important for B2B)
Custom dashboard for managing orders from B2B buyers
  • Dashboard with all the data
  • Filter & search orders
  • Easy re-ordering (with one click)
  • Create custom lists of products
  • Create medical prescriptions
Multiple carts functionality
Chat functionality between customer representatives and customers within the portal itself
Checkout flows based on customer segment

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