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Benefit from a revolutionary next-generation e-commerce world with all inclusive. Get those low-hanging fruits with the best setup possible!

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In the core


Enjoy unprecedented flexibility that is second to none. We analyze your IT landscape and, based on your requirement profile, provide you with the perfect e-commerce keyboard. Your industry and customer-specific requirements and properties are considered individually and integrated into the concept. So you get a unique piece of design and functionality - entirely according to your taste.

Built from the ground up

For Purchasers

Your customers have very specific requirements: individual pricing, transparency in availability and delivery times, loyalty programs, payment options, cross-channel shopping experiences and many more. In addition, shoppers expect a smooth user experience when switching between channels and devices. They will have more requirements. And we will fulfill them.

Check out some purchaser facts from the SapiO B2B research.


problems in delivery and tracking


lack of personalization


overcomplicated payment process


repeated purchases


orders via e-commerce platform


missing product information


The many possibilities with our B2B solution should result in a state-of-the-art customer experience. Enjoy all payment methods and destinations according to the customer relationship as well as the naturalness of omni-channel marketing. Sales promotion begins and gains in the diversity of your communication options.

Thomas Katz

With Unchained we were able to raise our e-commerce platform to a new level and increased the speed of our web shop significantly. The conversion to a "headless" API-first architecture now enables us to further develop the microservices / system parts independently of one another resulting in a state-of-the-art customer experience.

Thomas Katz

Built-in functionalities for all wholesale needs.

Product Catalog

Efficiently manage and organize a large inventory of wholesale products, including categorization, custom pricing, and variants.

Rights and Roles

Manage different roles and rights to your users in-house and externally through our Admin UI.

Omnichannel selling features

Create seamless customer experiences across all platforms.

Reliable cloud performance

Reliable cloud performance is critical for maintaining business continuity. Effectively monitor your cloud resources, to ensure all components communicate seamlessly. Measure your IOPS, filesystem performance, caching, and autoscaling.

Customer-specific payment services

Choose which customers are able to pay with the desired payment service: e.g. credit card payments universally available, billing payments limited to certain users etc.

Sophisticated Search

Search for products, categories, as well as page content, by vendor number and other special search queries important for B2B.

Custom Dashboard with all the data

Create a custom dashboard for your customers to manage their own orders, quotes, and more. Filter & search for orders, easy re-ordering with one click and create custom lists of products.

Checkout flows based on customer segment

Let your customers choose from a variety of delivery options like discrete packaging, gift wrapping, and more. Add multiple carts functionality.

Quotes and negotiations

Let your customers request quotes and negotiate prices with automated workflows.

100% Customized

Taylor-made Integration

With Unchained Commerce you will be able to set up improved processes and overcome your e-commerce challenges. We guarantee you seamless integration.

If you want to create a solid foundation for your e-commerce ecosystem and ensure that all technologies work in harmony with each other, Unchained integrates various third-party solutions for you and supports you in setting up processes within your entire tech stack. We do not accept downtime.

Designed to scale and extensively customize for the benefit of the Wholesale.

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