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The all-in-one solution for event organizers.

With our white-label solution for event organizers, you will receive a new modern website including a shop, ticketing, and admission control all in one.

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  • Do you get annoyed by advertisements and/or high fees from ticket platforms?
  • Do you want to redesign your website and seamlessly integrate online ticket sales?
  • Do you want to accept crypto payments for your event or distribute your tickets as NFTs?
  • Does your current ticketing system not support Apple Wallet integration or force your customers to download a third-party app?
  • Do you want to merge your ticket shop, merchandise shop, and website?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, our all-in-one solution for event organizers is just right for you.

Issues with Common Systems/Ticketing Platforms

  • Costs: The revenue share of ticketing platforms through ticket fees becomes noticeable quickly.
  • Technology: Tickets do not support common modern methods (e.g. Apple Wallet integration, bitcoin payment, Twint) or are based on 3rd party apps and/or hardware
  • User Experience: Ticket sales are not directly integrated into the website and lead the customer to a third-party portal
  • Corporate Identity: Tickets can only be customized to a very limited extent or are "cross-subsidized" by foreign advertising

Our Way (not the way of water)

Every web app based on our solution is a package consisting of:

  1. Frontend: This is what your customers see, a customizable website tailored to your customer base
  2. E-commerce Backend: Our modern open-source e-commerce operating system controls billing, email generation, price calculation, and ticket creation
  3. CMS: Your central location where you as an admin control the content of the entire site, capture news, create landing pages, and create tickets and quotas.
You get a completely independent overall system from ticket platforms that you can expand, customize, and integrate according to your wishes and possibilities. Our solution can be self-operated or hosted by us in the cloud from CHF 50.- / month.

Every web app has a built-in ticket shop that meets the most modern requirements:

  1. Print at Home: Shipped as PDF by email
  2. Mobile Ticketing: QR code on the website and Apple Wallet integration
  3. Self-custody for tickets: Each ticket can be exported as an NFT, making it smart contract capable
  4. Box office: Use the cash sale function to sell tickets on any smartphone and print them on an optional mobile label printer.
  5. Admission control: Use the website in "scan mode" to use any smartphone (without app!) as an admission control scanner
  6. Live reporting capabilities for evaluation and accounting purposes: sales, show/no-shows
  7. Create promo codes for employees/helpers
  8. Supports all common payment methods as well as cryptocurrencies from EC to Twint to Ethereum.

Your benefits when you choose us:

  1. No ticket fees*
  2. Affordable operating costs and state-of-the-art web technologies
  3. Full flexibility in design and branding through our white-label agency approach
  4. No expensive equipment necessary, thermal printer optional
  5. Sustainable investment: You receive a scalable solution that can be further developed with a web agency of your choice or on your own over the years.
* Payment fees may still apply

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