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Story & Roadmap

Apr 2017

Sketch out the architecture of a headless digital commerce platform

Jun 2017

Signed first customer contract

Nov 2017

GoLive of first customer online store

Jan 2018

Release of Unchained Website

Mar 2018

Release of Roadmap 1.0

Jun 2018

Signed second customer contract with two implementation partners

Q2-Q4 2018

Roadshow for Zürich based agencies

Feb 2019

GoLive of a b2b & b2c shop & portal in the Health Care Industry

Mar 2019

Release of Unchained Engine as OSS

See on Github
Q2 2019
  • Release of Unchained Express
  • Release of Unchained Managed Hosting
  • Release of Roadmap 2.0
Q3-Q4 2019
  • Release of Plugin Marketplace 1.0 Beta as SaaS
  • Release of Unchained Control Panel 1.0 Beta as SaaS
  • Global Roadshow
  • Unchained Conference 2019

Interested in joining the team?

We are a Zurich based software company and are looking for talents to join us.
At the moment we are looking for the following positions:

Meet the Team

Pascal Kaufmann
Pascal Kaufmann
Software Engineer & Founder
Pascal has 10+ years of software engineering, leadership and business integration experience as a former SAP consultant and mobile/web app developer. With that unique skillset he can innovate, plan, develop and maintain modern web/native applications out of any abstract business model that involves creating/integrating some piece of software.
Vedran Rudelj
Vedran Rudelj
Interaction Design Engineer & Founder
Vedran is an Interaction Design Engineer who enjoys to design & develop components, libraries, style guides, websites & apps. He founded Kickshops, an e-commerce platform for small enterprises, individuals & startups around the globe and worked in the finance industry as a portfolio manager & business consultant.
Savas Vedova
Savas Vedova
Software Engineer
Savas started his programming life back when he was 12 years old. While specialising in frontend technologies, one of his biggest passions is building complex APIs and cloud infrastructures. Being a big fan of automation, he loves spending time optimising complex architectures. These skills are helpful for us in terms of building complex software and aiding our customers to find their perfect solutions.