Operational Services

Unchained Commerce provides a broad range of operational services to help you manage the lifecycle of your e-commerce platform.

We set up the whole infrastructure to enable a seamless handover, so you can let us set up the whole stack and later take over the maintenance & monitoring.

Unchained Cloud

Let us host an Unchained Engine instance in our various cloud environments based on Docker Swarm:

  • Traefik as reverse proxy
  • Auto issuance and renewal of SSL certificates
  • MongoDB in a replica set configuration
  • Automatic daily database backups
  • Setup and configuration of domains and DNS
  • Monitoring and incident management
Shared Hosting

We offer an entry-level shared hosting environment suited for smaller e-commerce projects and start-ups. Just log in to Unchained Cloud here, create an organization and start your first Unchained Engine in minutes. Read more about how to set up Unchained Engine in our developer docs.

Managed Hosting

If you want to let us run a highly available server infrastructure for your professional e-commerce platform, we offer private cloud hosting. Get in touch with us so we can discuss sizing, micro-services and sidecarts. We will take care of all the subsystems (Linux, Docker, MongoDB, Solr, Unchained, etc.) and observe backups and security of the platform as a whole. You can also bring your own servers and let us focus on the security patches.

Unchained Upgrade Insurance

Keeping software up-to-date is very important for securing your investments. You don’t want to be that guy who is stuck with Magento 1 (although if you are, check Migrations). With the Unchained Upgrade Insurance we try to help you with that: We regularly audit your customer extensions, keep them in sync with the Unchained Engine compatibility strategy and regularly upgrade the Unchained Engine to LTS versions. And when we break your client application code because we introduced breaking changes to Unchained Engine’s API, we will fix your client apps, too. No excuses such as „We can’t upgrade to the newest version“.

Support & Service Desk

No matter if the Unchained Engine-based e-commerce solution runs on your machines or on our cloud, we can provide you with over-the-top high-quality support to ensure high stability and performance of your systems.

  • Guaranteed SLA’s from 9-5 to 7/24, 99% uptime to 99.99%
  • Active monitoring and hotpatching by our core-developers
  • Pro-active observation of bugs and issues
  • Application performance management
  • Release & configuration management
  • Service desk access
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