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We implement payment provider plug-ins that enable instant crypto transactions for you in no time. Benefit from new opportunities and irreversible payments! And if you take it a step further with us, we will combine airdrops, minting and token gates with your traditional e-commerce for you.

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Offer crypto payments

Although it is often overlooked in e-commerce, cryptocurrency payments increase sales and make online stores more lucrative. Accepting digital currency sets you apart from the competition and allows you to expand your customer base.

Once you start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and others, you will be surprised at how many advantages the crypto payment option offers over traditional payment methods. Unchained has made it possible by partnering with Bity: the buyer pays in BTC, for example, and the amount lands in your bank account without any detours.

Facilitating transactions across borders, security features, a larger market, and anonymity for buyers are just a few reasons to consider this payment option!

Your direct crypto benefit

Market Enlargement


Irreversible Payments

Low Fees

No Middlemen

Improved Data Protection

The market of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) with art and collectibles was just the beginning, new creative uses are added every day. Get in on the art!

We offer our customers full-service solutions around the topic of tokenized assets. For this purpose, we design and develop the necessary smart contract for you.

Smart Contract

Tokenized Asset Solutions

Our NFT marketplace solution supports so-called "lazy minting". In this process, NFT are mined only when the consumer wants to use the token as a crypto token. We offer a template of a simple NFT marketplace. The user interface is customizable and extensible down to the last pixel. So, you can customize the app specifically to your case and/or integrate it with your existing web applications.

Native Crypto Support (Direct-To-Blockchain): The backend connects directly to a self-hosted full node of a blockchain and allows easy creation of new token categories and updating of NFT metadata via a UI.

Examples of assets we support:

Certificates of Authenticity

An NFT can be issued upon purchase of a (physical) product and represent ownership and the rights and obligations associated with it.

Event Tickets

Event tickets as NFT can be securely transferred digitally from person to person and the holder can cryptographically prove that he is the current holder of the ticket.

Digital Art

The digital art market was the first real use case for NFTs. There are now dozens of marketplaces where digital art is traded and auctioned.

Trading Cards

The next generation is now trading online in the form of digitized trading cards; physical cards are on the decline.

Gaming Collectibles

Blockchain gaming is a booming industry as more game developers realize the benefits of in-game items, for example.

Virtual Assets

NFTs are also used to represent ownership of assets such as virtual lands in digital worlds.

Get into the blockchain world, it is easier than you think.

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