Migrate with Unchained

Online stores frequently tend to outgrow the platform on which they were originally built on and end up slowing down and lacking necessary features to meet their business needs. Technology advances rapidly, and as an e-commerce business you need to keep up.

Unchained offers full platform migration with no downtime. Unlock your new web shop with more features, improved functionality, higher scalability and increased performance. Start creating shiny customer experiences today.

What do we migrate?
  • Product data
  • Customer records
  • Order history
  • Transactions
  • Pricing
  • Attributes
  • & a lot more
Benefits of migration
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher average order value
  • Higher revenue with omni-channel sales
  • Increased ROI
What can you achieve?
Maximize efficiency

If your current e-commerce platform has become outdated, lacks modern features, is difficult and costly to maintain, does not scale, or is unable to integrate with other technologies, you need a reliable e-commerce solution that will help you achieve digital success. With Unchained, you will be able to set up improved processes and overcome your e-commerce challenges.

Integrate with third-party solutions

If you want to build a solid foundation for your e-commerce ecosystem and ensure that every technology works in harmony with each other, Unchained will integrate miscellaneous third-party solutions for you and assist you with the setup of processes within your entire tech stack. We will help you connect your e-commerce platform to any CRM, ERP, PIM, as well as mobile apps and marketplaces. Our solutions will ease the third-party provider integration, ensure smooth operation, and allow you to scale growth and keep up with market demands and customer expectations.

Expand globally

If you are planning an international expansion, you need a future-proof e-commerce platform that can support different languages and locations. We will drive your expansion into new markets while ensuring that everything works smoothly.

Take control of your platform

If you are feeling stuck with your current provider’s SaaS platform and want to take full ownership of your web shop, migrating to Unchained’s open-source engine will help you regain control of your data and accelerate your digital transformation.

Ensure consistent growth

If your current e-commerce solution is not capable of keeping up with your speed of growth, we will ramp up your operations, expand your catalog, and help you showcase a bigger diversity of products.

What do we offer?

Our developers have extensive experience in e-commerce migration.

  • Pre-migration consultancy
  • Seamless & secure data migration
  • SEO audit
  • Front-end design
  • Back-end development
  • Site customization
  • No downtime
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Post-migration support and growth strategies
Why migrate to Unchained?
  • Unmatched speed and performance
  • Full customization & control
  • Highly-scalable
  • Seamless integration
  • Omni-channel personalization
  • Complete data ownership
  • Crypto payment integration
  • and a lot more...
Which platforms can you migrate from?

No matter which platform you are currently using, our engineers will make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible keeping the data safe and the downtime to a minimum.

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • & other platforms
Reasons to migrate
  • Poor performance
  • Site speed and responsiveness
  • Outdated technology
  • Missing features
  • Inadequate user experience
  • Sunsetting of software components
  • Business growth, market expansion
  • Lack of scalability
  • Lack of proper data analytics