A/B testing

A process of comparing two variations of the same webpage or other digital medium to determine which design, content or functionality results in a higher conversion rate. These variations, known as A and B, are presented randomly to users. A portion of them will be directed to the first version, and the rest to the second. A statistical analysis of the results then determines which version, A or B, performed better, according to certain predefined indicators such as conversion rate. By repeatedly testing improvements, it helps generate more revenue from the existing traffic and build a data-informed marketing strategy. Think of it as a way to test which small changes earn your business most money. It lets you try things out so you can improve your content, provide the best customer experiences and reach your conversion goals faster and can be used to test everything from landing page to marketing email to search ad. You can then verify which version gets the most clicks, subscriptions, purchases etc. These results can then help you optimize your website for conversions.