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The world’s first decentralized, privacy-first physical web store.
Let’s take e-commerce off-cloud! All the data belongs to you and stays on your own hardware! Native crypto payments.
No hosting required. No payment gateways required.

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Public Domain:

  • Create a public facing URL for your local Web Shop based on your own name and a pre-defined domain (e.g. yourstore.unchained.rocks)
  • Tech: NAT Hole-Punching through a Reverse VPN Tunnel & SSL Termination (HTTPS)

Custom Domain:

  • Use your own domain (e.g. yourstore.com)
  • Enable E-Mail Notifications and Client Password Reset Flows

Cloud Backup:

  • Weekly backups stored for 1 month, daily backups stored for 1 week
  • Fully End-to-End encrypted (encryption key generated on your mobile phone)

Payment Provider Integration:

  • Choose from one of our supported Payment Providers: Stripe, Adyen, Payyo

* You can use the service as long as you are complying with our Terms of Use based on Swiss federal law (for ex. No drugs, weapons, illegal porn, etc.). We reserve the right to withdraw the service on our end at any time without prior notice. You can always make you shop publicly available with the necessary technical skills, for ex. through router configuration and a self owned public IP / domain.

If you are interested and want to learn more please feel free to contact us. We would like to hear from you.