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Tokenized Assets

We combine Airdrops, Minting and Token Gates with traditional E-Commerce

NFT solutions

We provide full service NFT solutions to our clients on the issues involved in NFT products and services. We believe that the NFT market is poised for explosive growth and is primed to drive the transformation in the way we do business, buy or sell art & collectibles, and how we identify ourselves. Innovative technologies and platforms such as Ethereum have presented the opportunity to get in on this revolutionary technology while it is still in the early stage.

Types of NFTs

The NFT market is a vast ecosystem of miscellaneous types of non-fungible tokens, ranging from the niche and obscure to sophisticated digitized versions of real-world assets. Let’s take a look at the main categories of NFTs.

  • Crypto Art: With provenance recorded on the blockchain, a new type of digital art has emerged in the form of tradable, non-fungible tokens.
  • Trading Cards: While some of us once traded in physical baseball cards, the next generation now does that online in the form of digitized collectible cards that “live” on the blockchain.
  • Gaming Collectibles: Blockchain gaming is a booming industry as more and more game developers recognize the benefits that DLT can bring to online gaming. The ability to create in-game items with verified ownership in the form of NFTs has been a driving factor. The highly popular game, CryptoKitties, is a prime example of that.
  • Virtual Assets: NFTs are also used to represent asset ownership in virtual worlds where you can own virtual land or other types of property.
  • Sports Collectibles: Anyone with a passion for sports typically also collects items related to their favorite teams. That is now also possible in digital form thanks to NFTs representing sport collectible items. For example, NBA Top Shot enables you to own highlight footage of NBA players in the form of a non-fungible token.
Minting on Demand

We offer a decentralised open-source white label marketplace offering on-demand minting and enable artists and galleries to upload & showcase their artwork without having to pay gas fees for minting in advance. The NFTs get minted only upon sending the transaction by the buyer. This way, individuals don’t have to worry about listing (minting) costs in case their art doesn’t get sold.

Moreover, we let artists take control of the UX and provide a whole new customer experience. We offer full customisation giving you the ultimate flexibility to tailor the experience to your client’s preferences.

We use open-source technology, our own Unchained Engine that enables you to manage your catalogue on your own server and mint on demand. It uses Next.js at the front-end to provide tailor-made experiences and is a simple extension of the ERC-721 contract where you can mint a hash on demand that keeps track of the minted hashes.