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Decentralized Crypto Payment Gateway

We implement payment provider plug-ins, enabling instant crypto transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements.

Crypto payments integration

We built an API plug-in solution that allows for integration of cryptocurrency payments to any online business. Unchained can connect your e-commerce store with Bity, Coinbase Commerce, uTrust and many others.

  • Set up cryptocurrency payments infrastructure, track orders and manage your cryptocurrency earning
  • Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other cryptocurrency you want

There are quite a few benefits for accepting cryptocurrencies: security features, the ease of facilitating transactions across borders, a wider market, and anonymity for buyers are just some reasons to consider adding this payment option.

Why should I accept crypto?

Once you start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and others, you will be surprised how many advantages crypto payment option poses over conventional payment methods

  • Low fees
  • Irreversible payments
  • No intermediaries
  • Micro-transactions
  • High security
  • Improved privacy

While frequently overlooked in e-commerce, cryptocurrency payments increase sales and make online stores more lucrative. Accepting the digital currency is one of the things that sets one of our clients, apart from the competition enabling it to broaden their customer base. Unchained made it possible through collaboration with Bity: the buyer pays in BTC, and the CHF arrives on merchant’s bank account.